A well-established & trusted brand

We offer to you a brand that is more than 18 years old and is well established in the market. Over the years, 1000s of clients and trainers have been trained and innumerable lives have been influenced.

No trial and error of starting a new business

Since the business has been a success for almost 2 decades, a new branch will not have to undergo the ‘Trial & Error’ process. With its fixed set of norms—workout, operations and marketing, the business will be perfectly in place from the day it sets up. Moreover, the chances of success would not be a major concern as it would be if a new business sets up by itself.

Lower capital required

The capital requirement for starting a franchise would be comparably low and would be planned in phases. With set layouts for interiors, themes, furniture, equipment and machinery, the cost of planning would be almost 1/4th and raw materials as well as the labor would be available at a wholesale price (about 30% cheaper than the market price) ensuring that the best quality material and brands are used.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every task to ease management

With well set and documented procedures for almost every aspect of the fitness center, there will be full clarity in the business operations. Some of them:

  • Handling inquiries—in person and over the phone
  • Managing trials
  • Norms and duties for trainers/cleaners/admins, etc.
  • Managing ERPs
  • Managing Data
  • Managing Cash & Receipts
  • Roles and Back up roles

Practically all aspects of the business covered will be covered.

Higher profit ratios from the day we start

Having a well-established brand will result in more customers joining right from the beginning. Apart from Marketing, word of mouth will play a major role in this.

Save on marketing costs

We will have fixed marketing plans that have been working for us over the past years. Edifying these plans depending on the circumstances of the new franchise would not increase the cost of marketing significantly. In fact, the cost would be much lesser than the cost of marketing a new business. Word of mouth will also be a vital marketing tool and will save thousands every month.

Ongoing training for trainers and staff

Training and upgrading is very essential in every business. With innovation evolving at a faster pace than ever, keeping ahead of the trends is a must for every business to sustain, let alone over-perform.

We will provide initial as well as ongoing training to all the staff members at no extra cost. So there would be no additional expenses of training staff and trainers.

Our special workout routines delivered to you

Our workouts are very different from what is out there in the market. Scientifically designed by ‘Dr. Vishwananth Prabhu, a World Class Master Trainer’, our Cross Training workouts focus on burning fat, toning muscles and increasing strength and endurance at the same time whilst ensuring that the workouts are overuseinjury free, work on each and every part of the body’s muscles, are new and never repeated and are full of fun which clients have loved to do for years and years without getting bored.

A dedicated accounts team to manage your inflow/outflow

We have an excellent accounting team which will be in direct touch with the admin and manage day to day accounts.

No surprise expenses since we are aware about what can happen

Having experienced the business and the surprise expenses/issues that could pop up, we would be able to foresee most expenses and/or issues that may arise and how they can be avoided.

For further information and to discuss the financials, please get in touch.


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