About Neha

Neha Shah born in 1965 (54 years old) is in the fitness industry for over 2 decades. She has trained over 25,000 people which include well renowned trainers as well.

Having severe arthritis for the last 26 years, there was a time once when she couldn’t walk (had to undergo 2 major knee surgeries) let alone carry her baby boy.

But unlike anybody else she chose to set an example to fight back, and not only be active, but instead become the most recognized face in the industry.

Neha today can easily be called one of the senior most in the health industry in Gujarat. She herself practices what she preaches and is very fit, energetic and looks younger by the day.

What started many years back has grown each year. What started with about 5 students in her bedroom today has moved into two big studios with hundreds of students and bigger plans are under wrap. Not only is she an expert in health, but is a fighter and a positive minded human being. Her journey has seen many ups and downs in life, and each time she has come out bigger, stronger and more successful.

Today at age 54 apart from taking 2-4 high intensity fitness batches, she has conquered some of the world’s most difficult treks like mount Everest base camp and Chadar trek (couple of months ago) which even experts think before doing. The same baby whom she couldn’t lift back then is now married.

Her motto is simple… she always feels that… this is just the beginning… a fact very easy to believe in her case… looking at her energy and outlook towards life.


Neha’s Cross Training in the past 18 years!


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Neha’s Book on Fitness Tips

Neha Godiawala Shah’s fitness tipbook is available in Gujarati & English languages. It presents easy-to-follow tips that not only set your mind, body and system in place, but also help you live the health you dream of.

There’s nothing better than gifting yourself good health. This book lets you swim to the depths of wellness, in body and mind, through a relaxed, casual, even a quick read, in your drawing rooms. Pick it up to go through some of the most useful, well-thought-over points, that are as handy as they are easy to register or follow.

Pick it up when you think you have the time, go through it when you believe you’re on to the wellness trail. There’s nothing better than gaining a happy body and mind through reading of a few pages. Whether you read one as an everyday mantra or travel through each page, this drawing room table book takes you to renewed health and energised wellness everytime you take it in your hands.