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  • Why Xross training?

    Xross training burns more calories per hour than most other exercises, works on your entire body’s muscles and not just a part of it, is free of machinery which makes it safe and unlike equipment workout can be done every day.

  • Can I join if I want to do Aerobics or Zumba?

    Yes. There are various batches for the same.

  • I get bored at the gym. Are your workouts fun?

    Working out in groups is more fun and passes time quickly resulting in burning more calories while having fun. Research shows that people stop going to the gym because of boredom.

    We have new workouts every month and have different workouts on each day of the week so you will never be repeating the same workout.

    Moreover you will feel the motivation when you’ll see your batchmates and do more exercise.

  • Can all do it?

    Cross Training is for males as well as females. It can be done by people as young as 7 years and as old as 70 years. People with medical conditions can also do xross training unless advised not to, by a doctor.

  • Is cross training tough?

    The answer is a big NO. Xross training might be new for some people. But just like it took a bit to learn to cycle or to drive for the first time, Xross training will only take a few days to get used to. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to miss it.

  • What result will I get?

    ‘Long Lasting Results’ is what the main focus is. Results matter the most for you as well as us. With help of Neha and the trainers, you can certainly get your desired result whatever it may be. If you’re sincere and regular, getting long-lasting results will be a piece of cake.

  • I haven’t got results in the past/Weight comes back very fast after I quit.

    At NXT ‘Long Lasting Results’ is what the main focus is. Our workouts are scientifically designed to lose FAT not just weight. Most of the times, people lose healthy weight (not FAT) and then unhealthy weight comes back very quickly. After working out at NXT, not only will you increase your metabolism, but also ensure that the weight lost doesn’t come back as quickly.

    Our Personalized Goal Books will help you with these results. They will track and provide us with all the minute details too.

  • Do you give diet plans?

    Yes. We give you personalized diet plans depending on your targets. The diet plans will focus on the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to take and the time to take them. The good thing about our diet plans is you’ll be eating frequently.

  • Will I have to do crash dieting to lose weight?

    No. The answer will always be a big no. In fact by doing Crash dieting you will lose weight for the time being. But the lost weight will take no time to come back because of the decreased metabolic rate (your rate of burning calories).

  • Will I build muscles?

    Due to high levels of Estrogen in women, building muscles will only result from hardcore weight training. Xross training will make your muscles sharper and tone them better.

    Men produce up to 10 times more testosterone than women which will help them build muscles. Xross training will not only build muscles but also make them sharper and tone then better.

  • Will I build stamina?

    Yes, you certainly will build a lot of stamina gradually. We will advise you with a variety of things that you should do alongwith exercise to boost up your stamina.

  • Will I lose strength?

    No, unlike all cardio workouts where even muscles are burnt, Cross Training ensures that you don’t lose your muscles infact you strengthen them. Hence you will gain strength. 

  • Inch loss v/s weight loss

    Many a times, going to the gym may help you lose weight but the inches will still remain the same. This is because you burn your muscles and lose water weight but the fat remains intact.

    It is very important to lose fat and not muscle as muscle is very important for the functioning of a healthy body and it is very difficult to regain lost muscle. Water is equally important for your body.

    Along with our supervised exercise schedules and healthy diet options, we will monitor your progress. Hence fat loss with inch loss is evident.

  • Can I come in any of the batches?

    Yes, you can come in any of our batches at any time at any of our studios.

  • What if I have back pain?

    Xross training increases core muscle endurance, which helps reduce the incidence of back pain. It can also help relieve back pain by reducing muscular tension, improving sleep, and relieving stress and depression. A lot of clients have gotten rid of back pain after working out with NXT.

  • What if I have knee pain?

    Getting regular exercise will help improve your knee pain by improving your knees, range of motion and muscles that support the knees.  It’s also important to maintain a healthy body weight, so that your knees don’t have constant stress from carrying excess weight. Not only a lot of clients but Neha herself has also gotten rid of knee pain by exercising.

  • What if I have arthritis?

    Neha has severe arthritis since the last 26 years. There was a time when she couldn’t walk properly, let alone lift her baby boy. With proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle, she has completed some of the most difficult mountaineering treks of the world.

  • What if I am planning a baby in the near future?

    Exercise and diet are critical for all those who are planning a baby. Healthy parents are most likely to have a healthy baby.

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