Experienced & Certified Trainers

Milesh Patel


A multi-talented fitness instructor with more than 10 years of experience. He possesses additional qualifications of ‘Reebok Certified Aerobics Fitness Instructor & Reebok Certified Step Instructor’.Built an integrated care pathway for fitness industry with all necessary packages for comprehensive care of client and people.

Manushi Shah


She is Neha’s daughter-in-law. Fitness is in her family. Following her mom as a role model, Manushi has developed some extra-ordinary skills and is very innovative when it comes to training. People say she’s a carbon copy of Neha and her batches are very similar to hers.

Neha Patel

Along with Cross Training, she is an expert in dancing and yoga, no wonder she possesses a very flexible body and has a super human strength. She’s the ‘Rough & Tough’ of NFS.

A very humble and down to earth trainer who constantly thrives to deliver the best.

Mayank Soni

Sincerity and dedication are his strengths. A super enthusiast who is ready for any occasion. He can take any batch to any intensity and can literally make you hear your heartbeat loud and clear.
Apart from being certified as a Trainer, he has a Diploma in Nutrition and is the Founder of FitMix Wellness.

Hinal Panchal

With a multitude of talent and a source of energy, Hinal is certified as a “Master Yoga Trainer”. She is also a “Certified Reebok Fitness Trainer and a Certified Step Instructor”.  With more than 5 years of experience in the fitness industry along with yogic cultural development, Hinal uses her skill, knowledge and expertise into the world of fitness and yoga flawlessly using a personal approach to benefit everyone who uses her guidance.

Himanshi Shah

She has over 3 years of experience as trainer and has innumerable certifications in fintess like Acsm certified pilates, Acsm certified strength rebooted, Acsm certified step mania, Acsm approved ESAFIT symposium 2018 & 2019 and not to mention Reebok Group, Reebok step and Reebok Functional Integrated Moment pattern.

A very sweat lady who takes utmost care of her clients.

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